Marvel’s Spider-Man – Amazing or Spectacular?

I know, I know… I’m a month late. And it’s another Spider-Man post. Sue me. But I would like to go through how I felt playing through one of the most anticipated video games of the year. But do you know what still bugs me? Whose idea was it calling him Spider-Man instead of Peter Parkour? I’m lame, I know. But without further ado, my review:

Living the Life of Spider-Man


Marvel’s Spider-Man revolves around the story of Peter Parker eight years after he has gotten his powers. So here we have an experienced Spider-Man who is trying to adult just like the rest of us.

The Kingpin is in jail, things are good. Or so we thought… Mysterious masked men, known as the Demons, begin running rampant through the streets of New York City. Why do you ask? Well, no spoilers here, so you will have to play to find out!

When Spider-Man is focused one the Demons, ran by Martin Li, his greatest foes at the Raft escape and want blood, as we’ve seen in the trailers. Who let them free? Who is the sixth member of this Sinister Six?

We get to see and interact with all our favorite characters: Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Miles Morales. Some characters we don’t get to see as much, even though we really wanted to: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) and Harry Osborn. They have phone or voicemail conversations throughout the story, though. Hopefully more in upcoming DLC or in a possible sequel?

Marvel’s Spider-Man is jam packed full of content and collectibles that you can recover throughout the entire city. There are a series of side quests you can complete along with the main story.

The main story can take you anywhere from 15 to 20 hours to complete, but you can spend so much more in doing Side Missions, Black Cat collectibles, Base Missions, Challenges, locating Backpacks, taking pictures of Landmarks, and fighting Crime!

Through a Lively New York

Swinging through New York

Web swinging in a Spider-Man game has never been so fun! Insomniac, I believe, definitely took their time to make the actions so fluid, that swinging has never looked, or felt better!

Getting through the city is a breeze. If you don’t feel like taking the subway, you can web swing (obviously), web-zip, wall run, pretty much parkour over any obstacle with one hold of a button. Transitioning between swinging, wall running, is completely flawless.

The city of New York is full of life and things to do. Like I mentioned above, through unlocking Police Stations and Research Facilities, you can use the subway as a form of fast travel. You can interact with citizens in the streets. High fives, waving, and letting them take pictures. The streets are always full of life. Want to read a newspaper? Go to a newsstand and get one!

Crimes are always popping up, and it is your choice to deal with them or not. If you don’t, just be prepared to hear from J. Jonah Jameson one how you are a menace! Then again, he makes you out to be a menace when you save the day.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Ever feel like kicking someone off a roof? Worried about killing the person doing so? Fortunately you can in Spider-Man! Without the killing I mean. If you knock anybody off a high place, a well-placed web will save them, sticking them to the nearest surface for their protection.

Combat is quite fun and addictive, but it’s always fun landing your foot in some baddie’s face. The fighting style is similar to that of the Arkham series. When an enemy is about to attack, your Spidey Sense will tingle and you can dodge the attack. You can create different combos from ground to air combat.

You can also utilize the many gadgets you can create through the game to your aid. From web blasts, to trip wires, to electric webs, there’s a gadget for you. You can stick your enemies to the ground or to any surfaces if they become an annoyance. Throughout the game and collecting the variety of collectibles, you can use those tokens to upgrade your suits and gadgets.

Many variations of suits offer abilities that you can use for your fighting style. Now that doesn’t mean you have to wear a specific suit to have a specific ability. That’s the beauty of it, you unlock a suit, you can use its ability for any suit you want to wear!

Downloadable Content

Now, I can’t really say much about the downloadable content, “The City that Never Sleeps”, other than it is expected to have three parts. One to be released one October 23rd, one in November, and the final piece in December.

The Heist is going to be the first installment, and you can watch the trailer here:

The Heist is rumored to be approximately three to four hours of game play. Not to say that it’s three to four hours of story, but will also include other collectibles.

Three new suits are also going to be available in The Heist.


Spider-Man Photomode

Marvel’s Spider-Man, in my honest opinion, is a masterpiece. Sure, it has a few flaws and some glitches, but definitely can be overlooked. I think the story is fantastic, and cannot wait for the DLC, and quite frankly, hoping for a sequel. Considering this game did end openly for a sequel.

Some other elements worth mentioning is the Photo Mode. I currently have a blast trying to capture awesome fighting moments, creating my own comic cover, making front page news for the Daily Bugle. I could spend hours playing with the different filters and frames they have included to make your images awesome. I currently have included some above for you to check out!

Marvel’s Spider-Man has definitely taken first place in my heart, making the old Spider-Man 2 video game taking a close second. I am marveled (pun intended) of the amount of detail and effort put into this one video game. It has been out for a little less than a month, and I am still a giddy child playing it to this day, and plan to continue playing it for quite some time!

Insomniac, I applaud you. But please, please, I beg you. Make us a sequel!

I give Marvel’s Spider-Man a solid 9 out of 10.

IGN gave a rating of 8.7 out of 10, and Metacritic rated 87 out of 100.

I gave just a nudge more because I love superheroes. Sue me!

Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I’m out!






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